Marquette’s Wendall Bronner Jr overcame preseason injury obstacle to retake the field

“My senior season of high school football at Marquette , the second day of football practice. We were repping our offensive script like a normal practice. I took a rep at running back and fell on the grass. In lots of pain, I immediately felt that I had broke something in my upper part of my body. I was immediately taken to the hospital and while sitting in the hospital I was told that I broke my collarbone in three places. The doctor told me that my senior season was over. Devastated in the room, I told my dad that my season was not over. From the first day I was told that my season was done, I was looking forward to the possible date to return back to the game I love. After surgery, I had physical therapy and continued to workout different parts of my body. This entire season I never missed a day because I wanted to support my teammates and coaches no matter what. Given an opportunity to be an assistant coach by my head coach Matt Klein, I was very thankful for everything he had done for me. My teammates encouraged me through tough physical therapy and training trying to make a come back. My final visit to the doctor, my doctor gave my father the decision to allow me to play again. Knowing that I had continued to work hard through the difficult therapy, he felt that I would be fine to finish my season. As week 8 approached against Parkway South, I took little reps and found a rhythm back in the game.

Being a captain on the football team I helped my team in the playoffs and competed at a high level. I will never regret playing my senior season because I know everything was worth it. I overcame a lot through my high school career, but this was a tough journey. I thank God for everything he has gotten me through and everyone who supported me. I thank my teammates and coaches for an amazing season as well. I will forever be a Mustang.”

Bronner, Jr. has hopes of playing at the college level.

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