Balanced Mix of Football, Music & Academics Leads Parkway Central’s Miles Sanders to Dartmouth

The following was shared with STL Preps by Parkway Central Senior Miles Sanders, a Defensive Tackle who is signing his Letter of Intent with Dartmouth.

National Signing Day is here. I can’t say it’s been a straight line from when I first started thinking seriously about playing college football. I always knew it was an option…my coaches always talked about it. Because of my size people always asked about it. But it was still a concept. My parents said it was up to me. My next step after high school was college. One way or the other. So when I started getting camp offers, I checked out the usual large state schools – all within a  5 hour drive from home (per my parents so they could see me play). I participated, but it was like seeing only one part of the equation. Along the way music became a bigger and bigger part of my life. I wanted a place for that too. Academics. Football. Music. I wanted a balance. As much as I appreciated the interest of these coaches and schools, it just didn’t feel like the right fit. Several Ivy League schools started showing interest late in my Junior year. That was interesting and flattering. D1 football. Strong focus on academics…focus on the rest of my life. My parents were really excited by this prospect. I was a little nervous. High level of competition and academics. Would there be time to develop my music? Official visit #2 was to Dartmouth College. Coach O’Dea (my recruiting coach) and Coach Teevens (head coach) both visited me at home and I loved what I heard from them. Seeing what they described in person really blew me away. My position coach, Coach Brooks, immediately talked about collaborating on music (he wants to bring his old school rap back!). Coach Teevens talked about what he expected from us for the season but talked more about how he wanted us to develop as men…well rounded men. These were the kind of coaches who you want to follow…play hard for…because they’ve got your back. I just felt it. And instead of trying on jerseys and checking out the locker room, they arranged a 1:1 meeting with a professor of digital music…just for me. He showed me their studios and played my music. He talked about little tweaks that I could make to sharpen it. I felt like they knew me…the whole me.

Dartmouth is simply the perfect fit for everything I want to do at the next level. I am incredibly blessed and first I thank God for the gifts He’s given me. And I thank every teacher and every coach that helped me along the way. And I thank my parents for their unconditional love and guidance- it’s still a 5 hour trip-it just requires a car AND a plane. I am grateful to the Dartmouth coaches for having confidence in me and offering me the opportunity to represent Dartmouth on the football field and beyond. I am honored. #Dartmouth21 #inthewoods #4stripes

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