Anatomy of a Howell Central Buzzer Beater

It’s a game that days, months and years from now many will have claimed to have attended. All because of how the last few moments transpired.



What’s it like to let it fly for the win? Here’s how Nathan Garthe described it in his own words.

We were down by 2 with 2.5 seconds left inbounding the ball under our own basket. We got a 5 second call so Zumalt South got the ball back and tried an inbound and it got deflected so South received the ball back with 0.5 second left. They just threw the ball past half court and I saw the opportunity to retrieve it so I went after the ball and jumped and caught it and just threw it up falling over and it somehow went in.

Definitely have never had a moment like that in my life. I actually didn’t even see it go in myself. As I shot it I fell out of bounds and was blocked by the student section. It’s the scariest and most fun thing ever to get mobbed. I was just trying to stay on my feet and get out of there as soon as possible, while enjoying the moment. Just gotta be humble and realized how blessed I am.

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