The Moore Report: Goals Through Pain

Editor’s Note: In our last installment of The Moore Report, Duchesne’s Alex Moore talked about the advice he received about making his rehab following a serious knee injury while playing football HIS sport from here on out. As he writes this week, it appears Moore was listening:

“I have never looked so forward to something that is so painful in my life. Strange, but I do look forward to physical therapy. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go to therapy and I see little improvements each time. Today, I was able to achieve my first two goals of rehab: I bent my knee 93 degrees, and began to put weight on my leg for the first time in six weeks. By accomplishing these goals I am beginning to set many more for myself. It has not been an easy road, but I’m doing things now I thought would take much longer to do.

Good luck to my team as they take on Wright City in their first game of football districts. I would do anything to play one more snap, so make these final games count, because you never know what could happen.”

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