The Moore Report: When Rehab IS Your Sport

Editor’s Note: Here’s the latest installment of Duchesne Senior Alex Moore’s journey through rehab from a complicated knee injury suffered while playing football for the Pioneers in September. If you’re a St. Louis area high school athlete or coach and have a story to tell, we want to help you share it. Email

“I’m now 3 weeks out of surgery and I’ve been to physical therapy 5 times. When people said it was going to be difficult, they were right. I am progressing a little more every single day. I have my knee bend to 73 degrees and I can extend my leg fully. I’m also finally off my pain medicine and finally beginning to feel like myself again. A coach told me that my rehab has to be ‘my sport.’ Even though it is far from competing on the field or court, keeping up with my rehab exercises is what I have to do in order to get me back in action. As always thanks for all of the continued support as a I continue to get better everyday.”

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