Alex Moore’s Journey: ‘The Rest Is Up To Me’

Duchesne Senior Alex Moore continues to chronicle his road to recovery following a serious knee injury last month. In his latest installment, what his doctor told him about the nature of the surgery, and the ‘final’ challenge ahead:

October 6, 2015

On my way home from my follow up with the orthopedic and received nothing but positive news. The pain from surgery is gone and now I face my final challenge on the road to recovery, physical therapy. My doctor reported good news, although saying my knee was one of the more intense reconstructions, he was very excited how well the procedure went and has informed me that the rest is up to me.

Duchesne’s Moore Begins Road To Recovery

Alex Moore Injury Rehab: One Week After Surgery

Many people have warned me that physical therapy won’t be easy and that I have to always remind myself the harder I work at this the stronger and faster I will be when I return. The best news from my standpoint is that I finally can be in control of where I go from here. Thanks for all of the support and encouragement so far as my journey to recovery continues. In a short three weeks, I’ll be walking without the assistance of crutches and the constant help from other people.

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