Alex Moore Injury Rehab: One Week After Surgery

Duchesne Senior Alex Moore, a wide receiver in football and a shooting guard for the Basketball Pioneers, is sharing his journey of working through a series of knee injuries suffered in a September 11 football game against St. Mary’s.

Earlier this week in his first STL Preps blog post, he described how he felt when he got what he called the worst news of his life.

In his latest installment, what life is like one week after surgery:

“September 30: I feel as if I’m in the same amount if not more pain than the original day I got home from surgery. I’m now dealing not with the pain in my knee, but also the pain medication is beginning to mess with my body. I’ve done everything the doctor has told me to do. I’ve gotten up a few times each day and crutched around my house and tried to keep a good diet. The hardest thing for now is that so many people said you’ll be fine after a week, it’s been a week and I feel like no progress has been made.

I know I can get through this, however, I see it as just a small setback on the road to recovery. It’s frustrating because I want to start my rehab process now, but my body is just not ready. My friends, family and have been awesome supporting me and encouraging me through this last week.”

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