Duchesne’s Moore Begins Road To Recovery

Duchesne’s Alex Moore would normally be getting ready for the stretch run to the end of the high school football season, which would run seamlessly into the start of the prep basketball season. The senior plays wide receiver for the football Pioneers and is a shooting guard on the hardcourt. But as he explains in an STL Preps blog, his biggest task now may be his recovery from a serious injury during the Pioneers September 11 football game against St. Mary’s.

A simple cut back to the ball, something I’ve done thousands of times, turned out to be an injury like nothing I have ever experienced.  I remember hearing a pop and me hitting the ground.  The pain was never terrible so I thought it was possibly just a strain or a slight tear of my meniscus. The pain was so minimal, I woke up the next day and took the ACT.
I went to the doctor that next Tuesday and got an MRI on my knee. That MRI revealed the worst news I have ever received in my life. I had not only a small hairline fracture on my kneecap, torn my medial and lateral meniscus but I had completely torn my ACL.  It never felt real and still doesn’t, but I knew all I could do was get ready for surgery so I could get on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. I began physical therapy on Thursday and by Wednesday, September 23, I was ready for surgery, and here my real road to recovery would begin.”

We thank Alex for sharing his journey with STL Preps and look forward to following his progress.

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7 Responses to Duchesne’s Moore Begins Road To Recovery

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  5. Coach Larry says:

    Get well soon champ! My self,Torrez,his mom,my daughter,and Chris are all cheeing and praying very loudly for you.Just like we used to do at Gateway Basketball games. See You soon.
    -Coach Larry

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