Francis Howell Central High School Takes Stand For Winning The Right Way

Earlier this summer, we told you about a conference in St. Charles that attracted a who’s who of coaches from the college and professional sports ranks who have embraced the concept that character is tied to success. The daylong event, built around the new book What Drives Winning by Brett Ledbetter, was a big draw for area high school coaches who have already shared their own takeaways from it with our readers.

But at Francis Howell Central High School, the idea isn’t just viewed as a concept; the school is going “all-in”. Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Hayley Leake explains what the school is doing to use the character-driven approach at every level of the school’s culture on and off the the field of play.

In what will be a true game-changer for FHC coaches/mentors/leaders, Francis Howell Central will have the opportunity to be the FIRST high school to fully partake in the ‘What Drives Winning’ program. In this program, our staff will consistently meet, collaborate and implement concepts that will allow our student-athletes to understand how to ‘win’ at every level of their lives.

MSHSAA 2015 SPORTSMANSHIP SUMMIT. Francis Howell Central High School sent a collection of student-athletes, coaches and administrators to the 14th Annual MSHSAA Sportsmanship Summit on Saturday, August 8th at Camdenton High School. Student-athletes participated in multiple sessions to build on their definition of leadership. These sessions included:

(1) Building Connections
(2) Using Your Influence
(3) Leading and Following
(4) Concept of Leadership
(5) Tips for Success

In a world that keeps the stakes high and the pressure on, Francis Howell Central stands committed…. Win the right way. Win in all ways. One day at a time. #FHCPride #ALLin




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