Collinsville’s Sharos Back Home After State Soccer Hospital Detour

“Never has it felt so good to sleep in my own bed

This tweet, from Collinsville Senior Soccer Captain Sophia Sharos might be one of the biggest understatements you’ll hear. She posted it late Friday night, after arriving home from a Chicago area hospital. She spent the last week there after breaking her ankle in a State Semifinal soccer match. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, The Kahoks played with her in their hearts and minds and made sure she was part of the festivities as the team took home fourth place in Class 3A.

Sophia Sharos' leg injury didn't keep her from getting a picture with her medal and Collinsville's 4th Place trophy at state.  Credit: @ladykahoksoccer

Sophia Sharos’ leg injury didn’t keep her from getting a picture with her medal and Collinsville’s 4th Place trophy at state. Credit: @ladykahoksoccer

From the comfort of home, she took us through her experience via email.

Being in the hospital while your team is playing at state was very difficult. I got to play in the first game for a half. Then I was injured in the 2nd half and had to be rushed to Edwards hospital because a goalie had broken my leg. The next day around 12 I had orthopedic bone surgery and woke up around 5. The 2nd game at state had started at 5 and our team was playing for the 3rd/4th place spot. After the game they came as a team and visited me at the hospital. We ended up getting 4th place, but I was perfectly okay with the outcome. I was so proud of my teammates still being to go out on the field and perform for their last high school game. As a captain and senior not being able to play in my last high school game was the worst feeling ever, but when my team came to my room with the huge, ‘ginormous’ state trophy and medal all the negative thoughts were forgotten.

Our team is definitely a family. Without the support of them throughout this hard time, I don’t know if I could have made it. Seeing that each one of them has compassion towards me makes me feel like my teammates aren’t just teammates they are my sisters on and off the field.

The injury will force Sharos to redshirt her freshman season at Tennessee-Martin, but with rehab starting soon, she vows “to do every thing in my power to make this a quick and speedy recovery.”

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