Ft. Zumwalt South Graduates To State Track Meet

What would you do if the biggest track meet of your season to date coincided with one of the most important events of your academic life to date? That was a question foisted upon four members of the Fort Zumwalt South Track and Field team last weekend when the sectional meet for the right to compete for a state championship took place at the same time as the school’s graduation Saturday afternoon.

They chose to compete for a shot at a trip to Jefferson City and the state track meet, which starts Friday.

They competed…And they qualified.

The FZS Boys 4×100 relay team consisting of Zak McCrary, Marquel Harris, Brenden O’Brien & Austin Thomas placed third at sectionals. McCrary punched his ticket in the 110 and 300 hurdles, with Harris also qualifying in the long jump.

Thankfully, the team got to have the best of both worlds. Later Saturday night, the school held a graduation ceremony just for them.


“It was humbling. Awesome feeling to qualify for the Long Jump and 4×1. After the meet concluded, there was a feeling of satisfaction from the fulfillment of our goal to make it,” Harris wrote of his emotions after the meet. “Personally this was a psychological relief from vagueness for one more meet to conclude my senior year. The one activity I believe God has allowed me and my team to utilize and craft success from having fun, allowed me to actually see value in life being a leader for once. As my former Track Coach Greg Hallam told me, many people graduate, but not a lot can make it to State. We knew we were to get our diploma anyway, but yet this is a fair distinction to say we were four of a kind.”

“I thought it was totally worth it,” Thomas wrote. “As a senior this was my last chance ever to make state, I would make the same choice again.”

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