Westminster Christian Academy Looks To Boost Stadium Facilities, Tennis Program

Westminster Christian Academy released renderings for a proposed project that would light the Town and Country school's football field and light the team's stadium.

Westminster Christian Academy released renderings for a proposed project that would light the Town and Country school’s football field and light the team’s stadium.



Westminster Christian Academy officials on Thursday announced plans that would see lights installed on the Town and Country school’s football stadium, along with a public address system and a pavilion for the Wildcat tennis program.

The private school says it will submit plans for city approval, starting with next month’s Planning and Zoning meeting.

In a testimonial released by the school, Head Football Coach Cory Snyder makes the argument that lighting the field, which also hosts the school’s soccer and lacrosse programs, will put Westminster on more equal footing with the majority of other schools which play on Friday nights. It would also offer coaches another more personal benefit:

“Saturday football games require us to spend up to 14 hours on campus to adequately and efficiently do the job as it should be done. This time commitment limits our ability to be involved in the lives of our families as we are absent from our kids’ activities; this creates hardship on our wives as de facto single parents and generally results in neglect for things that need to be done. The ability to play football on Friday nights, when most high schools in the country play, would provide us with the opportunity to gain back this lost time.”

No project costs are available. A school spokesperson said once city approvals are issued, lights could be up in 8-10 weeks.





The following news release was provided by Westminster Christian Academy

Westminster Christian Academy announces the launch of its

Athletic Program Upgrade Project. This initiative would result in the installation of

stadium lighting on the school’s football field, a new stadium public address system, and

the construction of a pavilion on the tennis courts.

• The lighting system will consist of four poles, measuring 80 feet above the field


• The new P.A. system has been specifically designed to offer superior

performance in comparison to the school’s current portable, modular unit.

• The tennis pavilion will be located immediately adjacent to the school’s second

tennis court and provide ADA access and shelter for patrons viewing

championship games. The freestanding, open-air structure will stand at 1,270

square feet.

Stadium lighting would be used to facilitate the school’s programs, including athletic

games, assemblies, concerts, and community events.

“This project provides Westminster with a unique opportunity to build and maintain the

distinctive community that defines us,” says Head of School Tom Stoner. “Our current

inability to assemble the school community for a Friday evening athletic event limits our

ability to utilize the spaces that have been designed to provide our students, teachers,

and families with the full benefit of participation in the Westminster school community.

Our proposal addresses this limitation and will enable us to provide our students and

families with a more complete educational experience that they will value throughout

their lives.”

Westminster intends to submit application to the city of Town & Country for inclusion on

the agenda of the planning and zoning commission meeting on May 20.

For more information about Westminster’s Athletic Program Upgrade Project, visit

wcastl.org/athleticproject and facebook.com/wcastlathleticproject.

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