Girls Basketball Suburban West Conference Post-Season Awards

National Player of the Year: Izzy Farrell (Soph)–Fox

American Player of the Year: Kavita Krell (Jr)–Lindbergh

Freshman of the Year: Maddie Horn (Mehlville)

Coach of the Year: Tim Bowdern (Marquette)

1st Team

  • Izzy Farrell (Fox)
  • Kavita Krell (Lindbergh)
  • Taylor Fortner (Northwest)
  • Lauren Lottmann (Marquette)
  • Alyssa Norberg (Oakville)
  • Madi Taggart (Eureka)
  • Maria Johnson (Lafayette)

2nd Team

  • Maddie Horn (Mehlville)
  • KK Steins (Parkway South)
  • Jessie Dunlap (Marquette)
  • Mallory Denzel (Fox)
  • Hannah Drumm (Marquette)
  • Lexi Roellig (Eureka)
  • Jenny Kohl (Lafayette)
  • Chelsea Canania (Seckman)

Sportsmanship Award

  • Casey Plan (Eureka)
  • Dana Key (Fox)
  • Becca Reynolds (Lafayette)
  • Michelle Anthonies (Lindbergh)
  • Brianna Valentine (Marquette)
  • Kayla Drew (Mehlville)
  • Cassidy Thompson (Northwest)
  • Kristen Martin (Oakville)
  • Imani Jones (Parkway South)
  • Courtney Rellergert (Seckman)

Defensive Team

  • Madi Taggart (Eureka)
  • Izzy Farrell (Fox)
  • Jenny Kohl (Lafayette)
  • Jordan Bilyeu (Lindbergh)
  • Jessie Dunlap (Marquette)
  • Mackenzie Giorgi (Mehlville)
  • Marquee Baderet (Northwest)
  • Katie Reed (Oakville)
  • Karlee Kramer (Parkway South)
  • Carly O’Donnell (Seckman)


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