Diver Learns It’s Never Over Till It’s Over

This past weekend was championship weekend for high school swimming and diving and wrestling competitors in the state of Missouri, and as we monitored all the activity coming from Columbia (Wrestling) and St. Peters (Swimming & Diving), we couldn’t help but get drawn to tweets coming from Corey Hahn, Athletic Director at St. Charles High School who was on the scene in St. Peters.

St. Charles Sophomore Sarah Bathe, making a repeat trip to the state championship meet after finishing on the podium in St. Peters last year, was solid in the early going Saturday, but performed the wrong dive on one attempt, and got nothing to show for it.

But she kept diving.

And kept diving.

And kept diving.

And when it was all said and done, she was back on the podium at the end.

We asked her to walk us through what happened.

“My second dive, I thought that I was doing 104b and I went through it in my head a thousand times and I was ready to compete, so when they called the dive I wasn’t paying attention I was in the zone and I went up and did the 104b and it was supposed to be 5231D. I was so happy because I nailed my dive and then I heard that I did the wrong dive and I was so mad with myself for making such a stupid mistake,” she wrote.

“Tom, my coach, kept telling me that the meet wasn’t over and to finish strong and I did. after three rounds…barely made cuts I was in 30th  place. After 5 dives once again I barely made cuts but dive by dive I kept passing people up and ultimately nailed all of the rest of my dives and ended up in 4th place.”

“I learned a lot from this experience. For one, the meet is never over until it is over. I was devastated because I thought that I was done but I stayed in it. I had to get out of my head and focus and just keep moving forward and I did. It was definitely a very good learning experience and I will always make sure to check my dives from here on out. (Saturday) This morning going it the meet I believed I had a chance at the title. I think I have put in the most work out of all of my competition and I was confident. My little mishap didn’t make me weaker, it made me stronger and I am very proud of myself for finishing strong.”




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One Response to Diver Learns It’s Never Over Till It’s Over

  1. George Bathe says:

    Yes!!! I was there, and it truly was an amazing comeback. I thought that after her 2nd dive (the
    mishap) she was done for the day. Wow, just imagine passing 21 other divers who performed 3
    dives and you only had 2 that counted. That alone was an amazing performance. I’ll say no more, as the story above tells it all.

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