Building Liberty: Finish Strong

Here’s the latest installment of the Building Liberty basketball blog from Boys Head Coach Chip Sodemann. The Wentzville school is in its first year of Varsity competition. You can read other entries here.

Red L

“Ever since the first day of practice, we have constantly talked to our guys about how basketball is a long season. Many of our guys have never experienced the grind of a full varsity basketball season and at this point in the year we talk everyday about finishing strong.

We break the season up into 4 quarters. The first quarter is the preseason. The second quarter is from the first game until Christmas break. The third quarter consists of after Christmas break until districts start and the fourth quarter is the post season tournament.  At this point in the year we are in the last minute of the third quarter and want to enter the fourth quarter on a high note. We have three regular season games left (1 JV and 2 Varsity) and will seed for districts in next week.

This past week, we played well and were able to walk away with the GAC North division JV tournament championship. This is a great feather in our cap for a young program! My hope is that we can build off this momentum, have some great practices and finish the season strong!”

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