Building A Winning Basketball Culture At Liberty High School

(As shared by Chip Sodemann, Varsity Basketball Coach)

We are Liberty. No, not the one from Kansas City. We are Liberty High School, the third and newest high school in the fastest growing school district in the state of Missouri, the Wentzville School District. We officially opened our doors to students in the fall of 2013. In a school big enough to hold over a thousand students, we welcomed in a freshman class of 285 and began on our journey of developing a school culture.

There is an old saying in sports that, “culture wins”. It means that even in the “down years” teams with that culture, that “it” factor, seem to keep winning. Those teams typically rely on seniors who have been there before. Those teams call on all the hours practicing and playing in tough games together. The problem for us, we have none of that. We have no conference championships or district titles to reference. We have no Final Four teams or banners in the gym. In fact, I still get that “new gym smell” every time I walk into the gym. Liberty was and in a way still is a blank canvas.

This is where the fun begins! In year two we now have over 600 students and the journey has taken our freshman and sophomores into varsity competition in every sport. On the eve of the first official basketball practice, I am anxious to see where this journey takes us. I know that there will be many ups and downs but I am also excited to watch how a young group (with a combined zero varsity games under their belt) grows and matures as the season goes on. I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Oskie.  

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