Season Preview: 2014 Northwest Lions Varsity Football

Head Coach: Nick Hoth

2013 Record: 2-8

Key Returning Players: Brad Peeples Senior RB/DB, Clayton Wideman Senior TE/OLB, Jimmy Wheeler Senior OL/DL, Brendan Gaines Senior OL/DL, Donald Hyatt Senior RB/DB, Minor Jones Senior RB/MLB, Brendan Hawks Senior RB/DB, Estaban Pliego Senior DB, Matt Farmer Senior TE/OLB, Brett Campbell Senior TE/DB

What’s The Biggest Question Mark Entering The Season: Do we have depth, can anyone step up and provide depth?

Is there a key stretch of your season’s schedule & why? Weeks 5-8 we play our conference opponents (Fox, Mehlville, Oakville & Seckman). Those will be some tough games that will show the true character of our team.

Our season will be a success if….We stay healthy and can find some depth. We have the players to make it happen but they have to step up.

Our toughest opponent is _______ because: All 4 conference teams. They are tough teams and we play them later in the season. We need to stay healthy and go in to battle with those teams believing we can win.

Is there something else you want the world to know about your team this year? With new stadium renovations, and conference realignment we feel like we have very high energy and a powerful community behind us. We look forward to competing and continuing to take this Lion Nation in the proper direction. The Seniors last year helped us start the process, we must pick up where they left off.



Coaches: We want to hear from you. Preview your season here.


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