Seckman’s Cameron Fusco can’t wait to wrestle with Mizzou #TigerStyle

“I made the decision to wrestle at the University of Missouri. It’s been a long journey to this point, a lot of ups and downs and a lot of heartbreaks, a lot of I don’t know if I can do this anymore, but in the end all the hard work and dedication paid off. This sport has opened up so many opportunities for me. The reason I chose Mizzou is because to this point in my life I have not fulfilled my full potential in the sport and I feel like the coaches at Mizzou and the talent in the room will get me there and hopefully even become all All-American or even a national champion!

I’d like to thank all my coaches up to this point Coach Frank Valleroy, coach Cody Green, Coach Ryan Moyer, and Coach Doug Mitchell, with out them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you to everyone for all the support and I can’t wait to be wrestling as a Tiger!”



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Seckman’s Voss signs with Maryville baseball with a career path in mind

Wednesday marked the start of the November early signing period for student athletes to make their verbal pledges turn into official signed letters of intent. Here’s Seckman High School’s Zac Voss, on his decision to attend Maryville:

“It’s been a very exciting process filled with all kinds of emotions. The hard work and dedication has finally paid off, but by no means does it end, this is just the beginning.  Signing to play at Maryville will mark the start of the next journey in my life as a student athlete.
My decision to go to Maryville was an easy one for me.  I decided a long time a go that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing and Maryville was the school that was at the top of my list.  When Coach Niedbalski offered me a chance to come play ball for him it didn’t take long to accept his offer, it was one of the happiest days of my life!!!
It was a long road filled with all kinds of adventures, I have met so many people and made more friends than I can count.  Not to mention all of my coaches that got me to where I am today. Thank you to Coach Lezinski, Coach Haggedorn, Coach Luksza, Coach Thurman and Coach Kenyon, with out these guys there is no way I would be where I am today.”

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Marquette’s Wendall Bronner Jr overcame preseason injury obstacle to retake the field

“My senior season of high school football at Marquette , the second day of football practice. We were repping our offensive script like a normal practice. I took a rep at running back and fell on the grass. In lots of pain, I immediately felt that I had broke something in my upper part of my body. I was immediately taken to the hospital and while sitting in the hospital I was told that I broke my collarbone in three places. The doctor told me that my senior season was over. Devastated in the room, I told my dad that my season was not over. From the first day I was told that my season was done, I was looking forward to the possible date to return back to the game I love. After surgery, I had physical therapy and continued to workout different parts of my body. This entire season I never missed a day because I wanted to support my teammates and coaches no matter what. Given an opportunity to be an assistant coach by my head coach Matt Klein, I was very thankful for everything he had done for me. My teammates encouraged me through tough physical therapy and training trying to make a come back. My final visit to the doctor, my doctor gave my father the decision to allow me to play again. Knowing that I had continued to work hard through the difficult therapy, he felt that I would be fine to finish my season. As week 8 approached against Parkway South, I took little reps and found a rhythm back in the game.

Being a captain on the football team I helped my team in the playoffs and competed at a high level. I will never regret playing my senior season because I know everything was worth it. I overcame a lot through my high school career, but this was a tough journey. I thank God for everything he has gotten me through and everyone who supported me. I thank my teammates and coaches for an amazing season as well. I will forever be a Mustang.”

Bronner, Jr. has hopes of playing at the college level.

To share your journeys on and off the field, email

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O’Fallon Christian LB on Benedictine College choice: winning tradition and strong academics

“What impressed me about Benedictine College was its winning tradition with Head Coach Larry Wilcox who has been there 38 years. The college atmosphere is amazing with a great learning environment and opportunities to study abroad.  The college feels like a small Ivy league school. From the beginning the coaching staff and especially Coach Simmons believed in me and helped me feel like Benedictine College was home for me.”

High School seniors can make their verbal pledges official by signing either in the new late December period, or the traditional signing period in February.

To share the story behind your college decision, email

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Why Damarius Davis is upset about his own highlight reel catch

Original Post August 27, 2017

Timberland receiver Damarius Davis catches a deep ball with a single hand in the Wolves win Friday against Liberty. Photo Credit Craig Larsen.

The Wentzville Timberland Wolves notched the team’s first win of the season Friday with a 49-6 win over Wentzville Liberty, One of the best plays of the still young season was a one handed catch by Senior wideout Damarius Davis that has been the talk of social media and HUDL circles over the weekend. We asked Davis to diagnose the play, the moment, and as he explains, what upset him about it.

“It all started when we were in the huddle, and our quarterback Cole Martin called the play. As soon as we broke the huddle, I was already thinking touchdown. I started my route with a jog; when I broke toward the goal post, I was wide open. I looked into the sky and found the football. I adjusted my route to make the catch, but my left hand was too far away to catch it with both hands. Instincts kicked in and I stuck out my right hand and the ball fit perfectly in my glove. It all happened so fast, I didn’t even realize I had caught the ball; next thing I know the crowd goes wild. Now the race to the endzone starts, and I’m down the sideline in a heartbeat. The defender is right on my tail and won’t give up, so I throw a stiff arm in his face which slows him down for a second. I then realize that I’m only about 5 yards away from the goal line so I prepare to dive for the front pylon, but by then the defender caught up and tackles me at about the 3 yard line. I can remember having tons of turf pellets in my eye as I got up. I could see all my teammates coming toward me to celebrate, that’s when I realized that I had made a spectacular play. I could hear the crowd roaring and that’s when it the chant started: “Damarius Davis, Damarius Davis, Damarius Davis.” When I got back to the sideline after sophomore running back Jarrett Wilson scored, everyone was waiting to congratulate me. Coaches, teammates, team managers, the trainer, cheerleaders, it was everyone. I still hadn’t realized how nice of a catch it really was until I saw the pictures and watched the film.

I’ve watched the play on Hudl at least 300 times, it’s a moment I’ll never forget. I’d like to thank Coach Collins for believing in me and calling a play for me. Cole Martin for the sweet pass. The offensive line for the protection and time to get down the field. The play honestly upsets me, I don’t want it to overshadow what my teammates did. We did a lot of great things. Will Huelskamp scored a defensive touchdown. Brett Hiatt scored a touchdown, Jordan Peebles and Javon Hune both had interceptions. Jarrett Wilson had a good game. The offensive line played excellent all day. I don’t want the game to be remembered for what I did as an individual, but rather what Timberland accomplished as a group of young men playing for each other.

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Two Sports, One Season? No Problem! (sort of)

Original Post: August 27, 2017

You’ve heard the debate over sports specialization. Is it better for athletes to focus on a single sport and drill away at it, or to play multiple sports to find the mix of what you’re good at and what makes you happy? In the greater St. Louis area, It’s fairly common to see players handle football in the fall and basketball in the winter/spring, or girls basketball and later soccer in the spring.

But what about literally tackling two sports in the same season? That’s what Travis Jackson is trying to pull off with the Lutheran St. Charles soccer and football programs. Here’s how he described his Friday afternoon after school. How does it compare to your after school routine?

“My whole life I have been a soccer player, I have been a varsity captain at my school (Lutheran St. Charles) for three years straight. However, I always wanted to play football as well, so I decided to kick for the team this year. Playing two sports in the same season gets a little hard with scheduling. Usually after school, I go to football practice from 3:30-4:30 and then go straight to soccer practice from 4:30-6:30On Friday I had to go from a soccer game at Troy, which we tied 1-1, straight to the football game at Lutheran St. Charles, in which we beat Father Tolton 22-2. It is hard to maintain a 4.0 gpa and play two sports in the same season, but it is what I love to do. Without soccer or football, I don’t know what I would do with my time. Being good at sports and at school is what I strive for.”

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When ‘Thankful’ is the only word that will do

Original Post: August 28, 2017

In an ideal post, Wil Ohler would be writing about his work in goal in the early part of the soccer season. How he and his team have fought local powers Webster Groves to a 2-2 duel and CBC to 2-1 loss in overtime. How appreciative he is of the support for the team and those around him. That last part is very much true, but circumstance, namely cancer, has put him in the fight of his life and on the soccer sidelines.

Last Spring, Ohler was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic lymphoma or ALL. His mother Tamara has chronicled its journey in a blog, ALL IN FOR WILwhich takes you from Day One:

“We walk in and I say I have William here to do some blood work and they are like ok, have a seat and your nurse will be out. Wil and I chat as there are several 3-4 year old bald boys walking around …Wil feels bad that he is complaining about his headaches when these boys have cancer. The nurse comes back and gets us and the doctor comes in right away and says she is going to take blood. I ask her to test for mono since I didn’t get the test results from the ped. YES we are still clueless. The doctor says they are testing for leukemia, I’m literally like what, ok…. They say we can walk around the waiting area and play some games. Wil takes on the NBA challenge and I start texting my sisters. complaining about why would she say leukemia, like that is a terrible to thing to say to someone especially when they haven’t even done blood work. Like I’m really, really angry, but just figure it is me overreacting as my Uncle Sonny had passed away from leukemia.
The doctor calls us back into the examination room, she says “I have good news and bad news. Good news is I know exactly what it is. The bad news is it is Leukemia.”

And Continues to the present:

I’m supposed to be giving him wings, to give him enough space to make his own mistakes while I’m still his safety net. How do I do that now with a list of cancer safety rules? How do I balance the teenage invincibility with the very real concern of death from T-cell ALL?
To say that the conversations in our home are filled with depth and intensity would be an understatement. Parenting a teenager is never easy. Parenting a teenager with cancer, well I guess we will all travel this journey together and find out how it goes!
We have made it through 3 months… on to month 4, thank you again for traveling with us.
An important step in the journey came last week, when Lindbergh Soccer held a an Orange Out for the CBC match as a way to raise awareness about Leukemia.

Tamara wrote to STL PrepsPlaybook over the weekend:

“To say we are overwhelmed by the support is an understatement. The soccer team had an orange out at the end of May for my daughter’s last soccer game as a senior while Wil was in the hospital. That was the real tear jerker…now that 14 weeks has passed and we have a new normal (which is crazy to think about) we continue to be overwhelmed by the support in the soccer community. Wil plays on the National League for Lou Fusz and the entire soccer community from LF, to Gallagher, to many many professional players who have given Wil a much needed lift. I didn’t know if you saw that there were just as many orange shirts on the CBC sideline as ours. The support is so moving.”

“For Wil, not playing soccer is the hardest part of this whole diagnosis. He has had 10 surgeries, dozens of shots, has stopped walking twice, endures puking, nausea, migraines, wheelchairs, crippling joint pain, etc BUT missing soccer is what hurts him the most. SO the support of his Lindbergh soccer team and his classmates is just plain humbling. He wants to be on the field leading the charge and giving his friends something to cheer about, but they are cheering him on. It is overwhelming, humbling, moving, and gives us a lift in those many moments when our new normal is dragging us down.  I’ve always said that the English language does not have adequate words to describe the range of emotions…so thankful has to do.”



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